Be Prepared With The Solio Clip-Mini

As part of our National Preparedness Month campaign, we try to share products and gear that are as at home for outdoor use as they are in your emergency kit. The Clip-Mini from Solio is a perfect example. For readers not familiar with the Solio brand, they offer a variety of  solar solutions, in the … Read more

Solio ALVA USB Powered LED Lamp – Love At First Light

Solio products consistently impress us, as they are compact, efficient, affordable, and revolve around the simple goal of harnessing sunlight for energy. We’ve got several of their solar chargers in regular rotation among our contributors and testers, as they provide portable power for recharging while camping, traveling, or even at work. (You could plug your … Read more

Solio Xcellerator + Hub

Have you ever been camping and you decided to use your phone to play some tunes for some good old fashion dancing, only to have it die and ruin the moment? I have, and it‘s slightly upsetting.  I’ve also got a terrible habit of letting my phone get so close to death that I am … Read more

Solio Classic2 – Because More Is Better

Nearly a year ago today, we published our review of the Solio Bolt solar powered USB charging device. It was pretty handy, and we liked the durability and compact size. Twelve months later, it’s still in rotation by the Industryoutsider testing crew. It’s been used to recharge lights and GPS units while camping, phones while … Read more

HighGear SmartLite – What You Need, Without the Fluff

There are many fears that each backpacker has when they are on the trail, from injuries to severe weather conditions.  One such fear (especially for someone with an emergency preparedness mindset) is not having something that you need when you need it.  Of course, you can’t bring everything with you.  The SmartLite from HighGear is … Read more