BMX gets bigger at Interbike 2009

No longer content to be the stepchild hiding in the shadows, BMX is finally getting the attention it deserves at this year’s show.

RIDEbmx has put together a little guide to help potential dealers make the most of their visit to¬† Interbike. It briefly covers the different aspects of BMX, from racing to the varied freestyle disciplines. Equally important, there’s some pointers on what to expect from what is undoubtedly the rowdiest area of the show floor. The BMX area sports more piercings and body ink per square meter than any other part of the show. While this may intimidate some dealers, once they get past that, they’ll find guys that are dedicated to promoting not just their products, but the sport too. RIDE has thoughtfully included a “Twenty Questions” for dealers to ask their future partners.

Chris Moeller, of S&M/Fit Bike Co. has organized a Rail Jam for Thursday, day four of the show. Twenty riders will be showing off their best moves on the stairs, ledge, and handrails set up just for the jam. And each one is guaranteed at least $500 just for participating. Chris is encouraging other companies to throw in some extra swag as well. He’s made it clear that the Rail Jam is about showing dealers what BMX is about, rather than just a showcase for his own brands.

Props to both for their efforts.