CLIF Builder’s Bar Giveaway!

Whether or not you believe in Blue Monday, most of us find going back to work after the weekend to be a bit depressing. Even worse, the end of January means you’ve probably recently gotten your credit card bill for that last minute holiday shopping. And you put on a few pounds over the holidays too. Unless you’re a winter sport enthusiast, you don’t even want to play outside, since the sun hasn’t been around for a while. Yes, we’re painting a pretty bleak picture here. But with the help of our friends at CLIF Bar, we’re going to turn that frown upside down for five lucky readers!

Here’s the deal. Maybe you let yourself go a bit over the holidays. Or maybe you’ve set some new goals for 2014. Either way, you are planning on cutting some fat, building lean mass, and improving your overall fitness. Whether that means time at the gym, saddle time on your trusty two-wheeler, or some hard miles in your favorite running shoes, you need proper fuel. And there’s a CLIF Builder’s bar for each workout. Their Snack Size provides 10 grams of clean vegetable protein, which is just right for those easy days, where you just need to top off your carbs and protein. At 20 grams of protein, the regular Builder’s bar replenishes muscles after a long workout. And for those all-out days, the Builder’s Max offers 30 grams of protein, to help build more mass. Of course, CLIF Builder’s protein bars contain no trans fats or artificial sweeteners, and in addition to 23 vitamins and minerals, have a fairly high amount of organic ingredients, since our bodies run better when we burn clean fuel.

Clif Builder's Bars

Clif Builder’s Bars

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a fan of their products for far longer than I’ve been running this site, which is now in its 8th year. When they first showed up on the shelves of Trader Joe’s in the 90s, I would buy the chocolate mint by the box. For a 36 day trip to New Zealand and Australia, I brought along 36 CLIF bars. Yes, my enthusiasm is genuine. So when they told me that I could give away Builder’s bar packs to five lucky readers, I jumped on that right away. If you want to win three each of the Chocolate Mint (10g protein), Vanilla Almond (20g protein), and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (30g protein) Builder’s bars, leave a comment telling us why, and we’ll pick five winners at random. But you have to get your entry in before 8PM Mountain time today, as that’s when we’ll pick our winners.

Good luck, and here’s to a great year with CLIF!

– Brian