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  • ailyn mateo

    i want to be a dealer of d.light products

  • Hi,
    We’re certain Keyklipz could be a great story for Industry Outsider for these reasons:

    • Fresh new way to carry your keys – Keyklipz has re-defined how keys are placed on to a keyring…no need to suffer trying to open stainless steel rings, struggling not to break your nails as you work keys onto and off your keyring. With our new design you easily push the keys onto your choice of Keyklipz knowing the keys are then securely held and just as easily removed.

    • Cool designs – Keyklipz are made out of Grade 5 Titanium using hi-tech manufacturing methods and are shaped into iconic, powerful designs. It is a sexy and sleek way to key chain.

    • Extra function – Yes, one of our designs is a stylish bottle opener, but all of the designs easily clip-on to and off the belt loop on your jeans or onto bags. Keyklipz has integrated a carabiner function into a keyring, creating wearable design.

    • Unisex- virtually all keyring carabiners up to this time have been designed for male–only use. Keyklipz has designs that are male, female, or unisex.

    Below is a link to our FTP site where you can download images of our products:
    Images with Logos
    Images without Logos

    and here is a direct link to our video:

    Our Kickstarter page contains a lot of information explaining the products:

    If you would like samples of some of the keyrings to help with the review, please send me contact details and a delivery address and we will get them to you ASAP.

    Please tell us if there is more that we can do to make the process of reviewing our new design easier for your team.

    We are launching our Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday 14 April, 8am PDT.

    I would greatly appreciate you checking out Keyklipz’s Kickstarter campaign and supporting us.

    Thanks again for checking us out!

    Best regards,

    Peter Grossman

    Bico Australia P/L
    11 Salisbury Street
    Sydney 2019

    Ph: +612 9666 1451
    Fax: +612 9666 6480
    Mob: 0410 655679

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