Cruzbike has a new model coming out

And I’m still not impressed.

Their Silvio is positioned as a road bike, I just haven’t figured out who the target demographic is. According to their website, it will take Dura Ace or Ultegra 10 speed components, and they show it with FSA carbon cranks and Easton wheels. That certainly sounds like the beginnings of a decent road bike. Until they get to the bit about it being full suspension.

Since they seem to view the traditional diamond frame as some sort of outdated torture device, I feel it’s only fair that I point out the folly of some of the claims they make. For instance, they list 10 points as to why it should have suspension. Among the silliest explanations are that this being the 21st century, there’s no reason not to do it. That explains why every other manufacturer of road bikes is clamoring to get suspension on their rigs. Right up there with that explanation, I read that the pivot points were already there, and besides, their Taiwanese manufacturing partners already had some “lovely suspension technology”. All very good reasons to use full suspension, to be sure.

But let’s look at the real reasons. Being front wheel drive, their design requires front suspension, as high pressure road tires don’t have the necessary compliance to keep the rubber properly planted. At the other end, they have a very stiff looking seat that would probably only be comfortable for the shortest of rides, unless there was some rear suspension.

I’m sure the Cruzbike has it’s place for some riders, but I still see it as a design full of compromises in order to deliver minimal returns over a standard bicycle. Trek, Giant, and Electra all have bikes well suited for the casual rider. For someone looking to go a little faster, there are pleny of other options, priced much better as well. Built from scratch, the Silvio frameset is $1800 plus shipping. Add in your gruppo and wheels, and you’re spending some serious change. For that kind of money, you could get yourself a nice road bike, some comfy kit, and have cash left over for a proper fitting including a bar and stem swap, if needed.

So what’s the point? I’ll be open minded here, if someone wants to try and convince me.