Darn Tough Socks Kids Series

Oh, to be kid again. No job, no mortgage, no car payments. Summer breaks. Staying out late. Well, as adults we can do that last part, but it’s not quite the same. Seems like being a kid was all about freedom. Of course, that’s wasn’t really the case, but let’s not ruin the moment here. What brought on this bout of nostalgia was a visit to the Darn Tough website, where I happened to have a look at the kids socks. What?! I know what you’re thinking – kids get the same cool socks as adults? Yeah, they’ve got all the features of the adult socks, which includes the unconditional lifetime guarantee, itch-free Merino wool knit to the industry’s highest density, an arch that doesn’t slip thanks to some elasticity, and even a reinforced heel and toe.

I showed a couple of the designs to my wife and daughter, and the initial responses were “fun” and “cute”. Bold, bright colors are a nice change from plain white cotton (with maybe a few stripes)  for boys, and whatever it is that girls wear. (Girls Eliza Dots 1/4 cushion shown) If your kid is inclined to run around without their shoes on, they’ll be doing it with plenty of style. And because these socks are made from some of the finest Merino blends, and knit to that super high density right in Vermont, they will hold up to plenty of abuse from even the hardest playing kids. That’s what the guarantee is all about. But there is more to them than just bright colors and tough construction. The combination of Merino wool, nylon, and Lycra® Spandex provides qualities not found in a cotton sock. Merino wool naturally helps regulate temperature, keeping feet warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. The combination of natural and synthetic fibers helps wick moisture from the feet, keep them dry, cool, and blister-free.

One other advantage of Merino wool is that it is anti-microbial. Stinky feet result are the result of bacteria having a party in your footwear. The kind of party where they reproduce rapidly. They thrive in a damp environment, which you can get with cotton socks that have no wicking ability. And that’s not uncommon for school-age boys. (Boys Benjamin Rugby 1/4 cushion shown)  But how well does Merino wool really work in that regard? While I figured that since I already had a pair of Darn Tough socks that nearly mimics the kids blend, I would simply wear them for five days straight, and give them the sniff test at the end of the week, if they made it that far. I know, it sounds neither technical, nor hygienic. But I’m a trained professional, and pretty sure I did this once on a vacation when I was about eight. I got much better results this time. Five straight days of putting the same pair on at 5:30AM, and not removing them until around 10:00 PM, and they passed our simple test. No matting, no holding moisture, and no stink. It’s tempting to see how long they can go, but the point has already been made. Kids and adults get the same quality. Darn Tough socks, whether for kids or adults, simply do everything well. They look great, feel great, wear great, and are even priced great.

If you’re looking for quality kids socks that are made to last, better check them out. We have a little independently owned camping/outdoors store just down the street from us that carries a nice selection. Since that’s probably not too convenient for most of our readers, you may try your local REI too. If all else fails, go to www.darntough.com.

– Brian