Etón – For The Best Of Times, And The Worst Of Times

The new products from Etón – which we got a sneak peek of during Outdoor Retailer – strike the perfect balance between having fun and being prepared, with a whole bunch of innovation mixed in.  Between products designed to help you party off the grid and others designed to warn of disaster, Etón has got something for both those that want to live life to the fullest and those that want to live through any emergency.  If that isn’t enough to get you interested, they also partner with the American Red Cross on their emergency lines, donating a portion of their proceeds to the lifesaving organization ever year.  Here are a few Etón products that will be hitting shelves soon.

The Etón Rukus is the first portable sound system equipped with a solar panel that allows you to wirelessly stream your music over a Bluetooth connection.  With this system, you have the flexibility to listen to 14W of your favorite tunes in the wildest of territories, or your own backyard.  An enhanced monocrystal solar panel ensures that the Rukus can be efficiently used in less than ideal light.  Power stored in the battery can also be used to run other devices using a USB port, with the added benefit of being able to connect devices that don’t have Bluetooth technology.  Not wanting to stop adding innovation to this sweet device, Etón also incorporated an E-ink display that not only drains less power, but also gives a full 180° viewing angle in direct sunlight.  The Rukus should be available either this spring or early summer and has a suggested retail price of $149.95.

In a crisis, being able to listen to emergency broadcasts is a must, and Etón has made it easier than ever with a new line of products.  The FRX Series of emergency radios combine the sleek look that is trademark Etón styling with innovative and rugged features.  Each model has a newly designed hand-turbine system that produces more energy with each rotation, charging the internal lithium battery.  A smart glow in the dark feature also makes it easier to find your FRX radio when it counts.  Built-in LED flashlights add just one more feature to an already impressive array.  All three models should be available sometime in the next few months.

Weighing in at only 8 ounces, the FRX1 is the most basic in the series (which by no means makes it light on features – see above), giving access to emergency and standard radio broadcasts.  Charging is done either through the use of the hand-turbine or by charging via the mini USB port.  Retail price for the FRX1 is $25.

 In addition to the features standard to the series, the FRX2 includes a high-efficiency solar panel and the ability to transfer power from the unit to a smart phone using a USB output.  These improvements only add an ounce over the FRX1, bringing the radio to 9 ounces.  The $40 price tag seems reasonable considering  the upgrades.

The FRX3 is the most feature-packed of the series.  Augmenting the hand-turbine, the FRX3 can be powered by the included high efficiency solar panel or mini USB connection.  Ease of transport was obviously something at the top of the list for designers, as the entire shape seems to be built around a sturdy built-in carry handle.  One handy feature allows you to set the radio to only turn on when an emergency broadcast is sent out.  Now you can be prepared without listening to constant static or unwanted chatter.  You can, of course, also listen to other AM/FM stations as well.  Suggested retail price for the FRX3 is set at $60.

– David