ExOfficio Dylan Pants – Long Term Review

Testing started on the ExOfficio Dylan pants late last spring.  The pants are advertised as travel jeans and they are great for travel.  I wear these pants everywhere, and they quickly became a favorite of mine.  The Dylan pants saw weekly usage and sometimes made it out of the closet a couple times a week.  They look as good right now as they did when testing started.

ExOfficio Dylan Pants (front)

ExOfficio Dylan Pants (front)

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The ExOfficio Dylan pants look like ordinary jeans, but ExOfficio hid a lot of really nice features in them.  The first thing I noticed is how comfortable these pants are.  Cone denim is combined with Sorbtek to create a wicking, stretch denim that dries quickly.  A tricot lined waistband is nice and soft, and it feels great against skin.  The fly zipper stays put and doesn’t snag and a sturdy button secures the waist.

The stretch of the pants lets them fit me perfectly.  Usually, pants will fit my waist but be too tight in the thighs and seat.  I got these in my usual waist size and they fit better than any other pair of pants I’ve had.  I’m not sure if the cut of the pants is spot on, or if the stretch does the trick, but they feel great to wear.


ExOfficio says the fabric of the Dylan pants is three times stronger than all-cotton jeans, and these pants seem to live up to that claim.  I wore the pants to work, doing chores in the yard, taking day hikes with the kids, and everywhere else.  The jeans went through the wash with no special treatment, and they still look great.  I can’t find any fading, fraying, holes, stains, or anything wrong with them today.

Pockets and Features

They may just look like stylish jeans, but ExOfficio hid some excellent pockets in these pants.  A pocket on the front of the right thigh is big enough to easily hold a passport but most people don’t even notice it is there.  A security zip pocket inside the left rear on the waistband is so well hidden that I didn’t notice it at first.  Another zip pocket inside the right rear regular pocket adds a spot to keep valuables.  Whether you want to keep your wallet safe while traveling abroad or you don’t want to lose items while hiking, these pants have got that covered.

Wash and care

ExOfficio says this about wash and care.  “We’ve treated the denim with an intense, high-quality indigo dye for a unique look. So we recommend that you wash and dry them with similar colors to minimize the possibility of dye transfer to light-colored materials”.  I had no issues with the dye bleeding onto other clothes, but follow ExOfficio’s recommendation for laundry.  There are some comments on the web from others who saw some color transfer.

ExOfficio Dylan Pants (rear)

ExOfficio Dylan Pants (rear)

ExOfficio Dylan pants Final comments

These ExOfficio Dylan pants sell for $99 on the ExOfficio website, but I’ve seen them on sale here and there.  I can’t count how many times my friends and family asked about these pants.  Usually, someone would say, “Those look great!  Where did you get them?”  I agree, they look great and they are super comfortable to wear.  I highly recommend these pants.  Click HERE to check out the ExOfficio website.

Thanks to ExOfficio for sending out the Dylan pants for testing and review.  We have to live on a budget too and being able to write these honest reviews hopefully benefits everyone.