Exustar MTB and Cyclocross Shoes


No Better Performance/Value On The Market!


Fort Collins, CO  Exustar, the Performance/Value Cycling Shoe and Pedal leader, has product for every type of cyclist, and the SM-324 MTB Shoe is the “bread and butter” choice for Independent Bicycle Dealers across the country at less than $80 Retail.
Exustar E-SM324 cycling shoe

Exustar E-SM324


The SM-324 features three hook-and-loop straps for custom fit on both feet (no two feet are the same, even your left versus your right!), a reinforced synthetic leather upper, with a nylon-reinforced sole that provides efficient power transfer, with just enough flex for scrambling up hike-a-bike sections.
It has holes for additional cleats for climbing in muddy conditions, (cyclocross anyone?), which is coming up sooner than you think! The anti-odor inner sole is perforated and washable for when you get home from the mucky stuff. Three reflective points on the back of the shoe keep you visible when riding home.


“The SM-324 is a best-seller at all of our distributors,” says Dannie Nall, GM of Exustar USA. “It will do really well as we head into the winter season and cyclocross. Why destroy $400 shoes in the mud, when you can do it for less than $80?” We couldn’t agree more.
Exustar is the leader in Performance/Value Cycling Shoe and Pedal Systems. Available from the best bicycle dealers worldwide, they bring the most bang and performance for your bicycling buck when paired together.
Visit exustarusa.com to see the latest from Exustar USA.
About Exustar:
Exustar is a quiet achiever. For 20 years they have produced a highly professional range of cycling shoes and pedals. If they are not as well-known or as flashy as some of their major rivals, it’s because they don’t run extravagant ad campaigns and sponsor major corporate race teams. Instead they diligently toil away, researching, testing, and constantly improving their products for bicycle enthusiasts to ride.
Exustar’s reputation stands on its products alone, products that are an exceptional value for the quality and features they offer.