FreeCountry – Function, Fashion, and Value Freedom

After 30years of business, FreeCountry had not exactly a well-known brand. They have typically been found at retailers such as BassPro, Costco, & Kohl’s, however, through surveys, FreeCountry established that their customer base appreciated the products but did not always know it was FreeCountry they were wearing.

The company realized it was time for a refresh. To bring the branding to the forefront, and really drive home what FreeCountry stands for. To make this big splash FreeCountry launched a new website in October with a new logo and fresh look. They are aggressively trying to promote their value proposition: no sacrifice for quality & value. Even though they are not the leaders in new technology, they are able to provide quality products with some of the technologies of the highest end brands, at a fraction of the price.

In addition, they have been a silent leader in their category and built a customer base around their extensive size range. Offering petite through plus sizes, families are able to outfit everyone in a one-stop shop. This size inclusivity allows every income level to have access to great quality gear.

I was fortunate enough to gain exposure to FreeCountry by testing three of their winter pieces: Champion Packable Down Jacket, Crescent Cubic Dobby Softshell & Swift Softshell Ski Pant. Let’s see how the testing of each faired after a few days on the slopes, hiking, and casual around town wear.


Champion Packable Down Jacket:

A wonderful winter layer well with a balanced blend of warm & feminine fashion. It’s compact nature makes for great portability to take anywhere.


  • Comfortable: feels so air light it felt like I was not wearing a jacket
  • Packability: packs very small into it’s own pouch. I was able to stuff it into my tote/purse to have available after dark when the temperatures plummet
  • Fashion: attractive diamond stitch pattern
  • Colors: great color selection that is not too bold, but playfully conservative
  • MSRP: $100! Other down jackets run $150-$300


  • Short sleeves: I do have long arms, but the sleeves seemed a bit short
  • Fit: I am a pretty petite build and the fit felt a bit wide. However, made for great layering with a thick sweater or fleece underneath
  • No bottom cinch: I really like jackets that have a bungee cinch at the bottom to help keep out wind & cold – personal preference
  • Warmth: not quite as warm alone as I would have liked. Great jacket for spring & fall hikes, daywear, or in colder temperatures with the Crescent Cubic Dobb Softshell jacket
Champion Packable Down Jacket

Champion Packable Down Jacket

Crescent Cubic Dobby Softshell Jacket:

A great shell with wind and water resistance to keep you prepared for all weather.


  • Wind & water resistance: suitable for most climates
  • 3- pockets: two zippered for hands, and one sleeve zip for keys and/or credit cards – I was sold with the sleeve pocket. I hate not having a place for credit cards/ID
  • Butterpile lining: think fleece, oh so soft & warm for the core and hands
  • Cuff adjustment: seals up the wrists for ultra-warmth
    • Fun Fact: we lose a lot of heat through our wrists because the blood vessels are close to the surface. Hence why people roll up sleeves when warm and pull them down over their wrists & hands when cold
  • Detachable hood: sometimes I just want to look good, not carry around a hood
  • Stretch: Having wide shoulders I really appreciate the extra stretchy body
  • Warmth: Warm! Did not have to layer as much as expected
  • Price: $100: steal of a deal for a winter jacket


  • Short Sleeves: as previously mentioned I have long arms
  • Fit: A touch wide, great layering with the Champion Packable Down jacket or a fleece
  • No bottom cinch: I really like jackets that have a bungee cinch at the bottom to help keep out wind & cold. Again, personal preference
Crescent Cubic Dobby Softshell Jacket

Crescent Cubic Dobby Softshell Jacket

Swift Softshell Ski Pant:

Feminine boot cut softshell ski pants made for the active lady. Cozy, yet technical, yet great for the slopes & après ski.


  • Water Resistant: my base layers stayed dry even after multiple falls
  • Wind Resistant: performance kept me warm even at the top of a windy mountain
  • Gaiter cuffs: very good grip! Zero snow up my pants after plunges into deep powder
  • Micro Fleece Lined: always comfy and suitable for cold days with thin long johns, or warmer skiing with only shorts
  • Style Fit: ladies cut with curves in the right places
  • 3 – Pockets: storage! Two zip hip pockets for hands, one small snap closure for easy access to Chapstick


  • Fit: waist is a bit big even with the internal velcro adjustment system. But again, I am a pretty small lady and adding a belt made a difference
  • Boot Hem: would have liked a little stiffer & aggressive material in the event I crossed skis. I hate cutting snow pants with my edges
Swift Softshell Ski Pant

Swift Softshell Ski Pant

FreeCountry’s beautiful blend of aspirational & attainable products makes it a brand I would recommend to individuals and families looking to outfit everyone.  I appreciate their focus on function and fashion without breaking the bank. They care about their customers and have listened to their needs & wants. Check your closet, chances are you’ll find a little FreeCountry.