Geigerrig Rig 1210 Hydration Pack

Geigerrig Rig 1210 Hydration Pack

Geigerrig Rig 1210 Hydration Pack

It’s been a while since we covered anything from Geigerrig, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve been sitting still. Some of their newer products include the Bike Rig for cyclists, which combines underseat storage with 32 ounces of hydration. Motorcyclists get the Shuttle, which converts from a tank bag with 70 ounce capacity to a fully functional hydration backpack. Then there’s the Rig Guardian, with that HDP Guardian plate on the front, made famous in the video of an employee beating the you-know-what out of Bob Geiger himself. But this time around, we’re covering an item with more universal appeal to hikers and mountain bikers – the Rig 1210 hydration pack, which offers their 100 ounce hydration system, plus 1200 cubic inches of storage. Constructed entirely from 840 ballistic nylon, this 3.1 pound hydration pack measures 19 inches long, and 12.5 inches across. If that seems a bit heavy, go look up the Youtube video of a Geigerrig being thrown out of a speeding truck. That weight translates into some serious durability. You’re not going to wear this pack out. Inside, you’ll find a 100 ounce (3 liter) bladder, and more storage than you’ll know what to do with. There’s a small compartment that provides quick access to essentials, a larger one that could probably accommodate dinner for two, and finally, a main compartment that you could probably fit a Fiat 500 in. Well, maybe not. But it’s plenty roomy. Oh, there’s even a rain cover in the somewhat hidden bottom compartment.

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Filling the bladder was as easy as popping off the air and water lines, sliding the lock off the top, and unfolding it to reveal an opening as wide as the bladder itself. We filled it one third with ice, then the rest of the way with water from the fridge door. Waiting for it to fill is probably the most time consuming part of the whole process, as snapping the lines back on the bladder and dropping it back into place only takes a few seconds. Pump some air, and you’re ready to go. Adding the inline filter is also hassle-free, thanks to those quick release fittings.

Geigerrig Rig 1210 Hydration Pack - Spray!

Geigerrig Rig 1210 – Spray!

Taking advantage of the cooler weather, we headed up the canyon to test our Rig 1210 hydration pack and a couple of other items. That meant filling it up with the full 3 liters of water, a camera, and bits and pieces of extra gear, then climbing. Even without spending too much time adjusting the pack, it pretty much stayed put. If we were running or riding instead of hiking, there’s a waist belt and chest strap too. But they weren’t necessary at our pace. I really like the clip for the drinking tube, as it puts the tube in the same place every time, as long as you remember to clip it in after drinking. Much better than the valve just flopping around, especially when mountain biking. The fit and finish of the Rig 1210 hydration pack was very high. Our test sample’s stitching was uniform and tight. We beat the crap out of all our Geigerrigs, with no stitching failures yet, so we’re confident in their durability. Another nice touch we really like are the zipper pulls, which are easy to grasp loops with a bit of grippy material. They won’t let you down even with wet, gloved hands. Contrasting citrus (fluorescent green) trim and compression straps on our gun metal pack looked good, and added a bit of pop for those that like their gear to stand out. A small carabiner and a blinky loop are handy for cyclists and hikers, but there are two other features we didn’t find on their website, but are certainly worth mentioning. First is the little whistle on the sternum strap, which is ok, but not super loud. More importantly, the plate in the back of the pack, between you and the engine (bladder). Should you happen to take a fall on your back, the Rig 1210 can provide a bit of extra spine protection. Just more ways that Geigerrig continues to evolve their products with smart features. It’s also worth noting that since you don’t have to suck on the valve, we’re ok with loaning out our packs. And they get nothing but compliments every time. – Brian Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the Geigerrig Rig 1210 for free from Geigerrig, in consideration for review publication

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