Firebox Stoves Steve Despain Interview

Firebox Stove

Firebox Stove

Recently, I got in touch with the folks at Firebox. Firebox Stoves offer a larger 5 inch folding Firebox stove and the smaller lighter Gen 2 Nano. There are plenty of positive reviews of the stoves these guys offer and there’s good reason for that. It is quite obvious that a lot of time and thought has been invested, and we all get to reap those rewards. Steve Despain agreed to answer a few questions about himself and Firebox Stoves.

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got the inspiration to start FireBox Stoves.
A. I have always been an inventor, I love the process! Nothing fulfills me more than having a breakthrough idea and seeing it evolve. I had a friend introduce me to the idea of a folding wood burning stove, I did a ton of tinkering and burn testing to be sure we were starting with the best concept, then moved forward with what ended up as the Folding Firebox Campfire Stove.

Q. Where are your stoves made?
A. Our stoves and accessory plates are made in Provo, Utah, USA.

Q. What is your favorite back country meal?
A. Oh, that’s easy, I love fresh caught trout fried with potatoes. It tastes great, is great fuel for backpacking and it’s tradition from all the way back to my Boy Scout days.

Q. What pots and pans work best with your stoves?
A. That’s really the beauty of the Firebox – most any pot or pan works really well. If I must choose something I guess I would say the Zebra pots with my new handle clips because you can use them sideways for baking as well as upright for boiling.

Firebox Stoves Gen 2 Nano

Firebox Stoves Gen 2 Nano

Q. Do you have any tips for selecting and preparing wood for the stove?
A. I’m really liking “pre-loading” lately. You can load the stove once and cook without worrying about the fire. I’ve taken that concept up a notch by pre-fueling the stoves vertically with large diameter sticks for a small Swedish fire torch which works great! Up to an hour of cooking without needing to add fuel!

Q. Why choose titanium for my stove?
A. Titanium is nice because it handles the extreme temps of the Firebox better, cools faster, as well as being lighter to carry.

We will be taking a look at the Firebox Gen 2 Nano in the upcoming weeks. First impressions are that this stove is a well-made, solid piece of gear, and I can’t wait to try out my cooking skills using it. Click here to visit Firebox Stoves website and check out the stoves and accessories available. You can view their YouTube channel Firebox Stove YouTube Channel for videos showing everything from tips on how to use the stoves, testing of the stoves, and more. There is a wealth of information provided in the YouTube videos and I highly recommend checking them out.

– Mark