More Useless Bicycle Fluffery And Faux Fashion Foolishness

Ok, so I thought the Hermes bicycle was the worst idea of the season. And I was so wrong.

The ridiculousness continues with an article titled “Gucci Designs Pointless $14,000 Bicycle“. To be fair, that title is somewhat inaccurate. In addition to the $14k carbon fiber urban commuter bike already mentioned, Gucci also designed a $6,200 single speed. Both are exclusive to Bianchi, and can be accessorized with a Gucci helmet, gloves, or water bottle.

Not to be outdone, Louis Vuitton jumped on the “wannabe hipster” bandwagon of bad taste with a photo shoot incorporating a guy on a fixed gear, complete with spoke cards and polo mallet. While they may think they are embracing the gritty urban look of fixie riders, there is actually very little in common with  their latest offerings and the highly-stylized grunge look of guys that regularly use the term “douche” in a non-hygienic context. Yes, I get to use the word ironic here, which in itself is ironic. Sadly, I cannot claim that I have been bashing fashion since before it was cool. But I did burn my mouth with some pizza.