The ORP Smart Horn Teaser

We recently got tipped off about the pending arrival date of the ORP, which is the first bicycle light to offer an integrated horn with a handlebar-mounted headlight. It’s got a loud, but fairly pleasant sounding horn for the “on your left” moments, and then a much louder, and somewhat annoying “hey, I’m riding here!” horn for getting the attention of motorists about to left hook you. Intrigued? We were. And so we asked nicely for a sample, and were promised one in early 2014. Until we get one for review, here’s the scoop:

The ORP is first bicycle light to integrate sound. Not just ordinary sound, but patented SmartHorn™ Technology, where a rider can alert cars, pedestrians, runners and other cyclists to their presence with a simple push on the light’s tail–another patented technology which is unique to ORP.

Designed by Toren Orzeck. Here’s the story, from inspiration to completed design.


Lumens: 87
Run Times: Solid = 3 Hours; Fast Flash = 8 Hours; Slow Flash = 15 Hours
Sounds: Friendly = 76 decibels; Loud = 96 decibels
Weight: 89 grams
Size: Stretches to fit handlebar diamaters 26 – 33 millimeter
Housing: Electronics are housed in a high impact polycarbonate case that is surrounded by a silicone skin, making it weatherproof and shockproof
Remote Switch: +$10: Silicone bodied, progressive 2-stage remote wired switch that works both horn and light.

COLORS: Glorp, Aorta Red, Snot Green, Frostbyte, Safety Cone Orange Wail Blue, Asphalt Black

Can’t wait for the review?

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