This girl will kick your ass (on a BMX)

When I raced BMX, I was always impressed by the girls that got out there on the track and really tore it up. They were every bit as competitive, and skilled, as the guys. So this news from Redline doesn’t surprise me at all.


The fastest BMX Pro to come out of the UK since Dale Holmes and Jamie Staff, has just signed the dotted line for a two year sponsorship agreement with Redline Bicycles. She is Shanaze Reade, and without a doubt, she will be one of the medal favorites for Olympic gold when 2008 rolls around.

Like many Redline Pros past and present, Shanaze has quite a collection of No.1 plates and titles. She is currently No.1 in her Nation (a 4-time British Champ), No.1 in Europe (overall winner of the Euro Champ Series for the past 4 years) and No.1 in the World (reigning Jr. Elite UCi World Champ).

Hailing from the United Kingdom, where the Women’s pro class is fairly small in numbers, Shanaze has gained her speed and skills by racing against the guys all of these years. On her few trips to America, she has made her presence known, and given all a taste of what’s to come when BMX Racing makes its Olympic debut in 2008.

Shanaze will be racing aboard a Redline Flight Pro XL bike, and plans to make it to America once or twice in 2007. Her main goals in racing will be chasing after UCi country points, to ensure that Great Britain has a spot reserved on the gate for her in Beijing, China. She will be attending the entire Euro Champ series, as well as hit the UCi World Championships in Victoria, BC – Canada, this July.

While Shanaze will be donning the UK national jersey for the British Cycling Association at all UCi races, she will have plenty of opportunities to wear the custom “UK Flag” Redline jersey and World Champ rainbow-stripes jersey throughout the year.

“I’m so stoked to be a part of Redline family,”exclaimed Shanaze via e-mail.“It is totally amazing. I wish to be involved with the Redline team for many years – just as Kim , Bubba and Jason have been. We have a very exciting next couple of years together, and I can’t wait to actually ride my new Redline bike … it’s like Christmas all over again, but better.”Whether or not this is the first time you’ve heard the name Shanaze Reade, we can safely assure you that it WILL NOT be the last.

Redline’s latest signee has proven that she has potential to become the fastest female that the sport of BMX has ever seen. She should not only be a key factor in the 2008 Olympics, but also in 2012 – when the Olympics will be held in her home country.

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